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Assembling Your DREAM PC. Get Your Dream Gaming PC Designed Just The Way You Desire!


Our Vision

Serving the customers as the leading custom PC builder in India with their desired custom-built gaming PCs to fulfill various purposes. Our dedicated team of tech enthusiasts and computer science engineers put their best efforts into offering a wide range of task-specific high-end assembled PC in India.


Our Mission

We aim to deliver a tailor-made and task-specific custom PC for individuals. Custom Art is moving forward to serve the customers with the most satisfying services to meet their expectations. Our mission is to deliver custom-built PCs with high performance that best fit and suit all your needs.

Who We Are

The journey of Custom Arts started with the goal to deliver exceptional custom-built PCs to the users. As a result, we offer a broad range of pre-built and custom-built PCs for distinct purposes ranging from normal uses to high-end tasks. 

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled tech enthusiasts and computer science engineers proficient in designing and building PC configurators and high-end cabinet concepts gaming PC in India. Our tech enthusiasts are capable of easily upgrading your hardware down the road. The PCs designed by us are fully customized and compatible with the versions of software you want to run on your desired PC.


Services We Offer

Custom Art is where you get your custom-built PC or workstation with all the required specifications. In addition, we provide tailor-made assembled PC in India.


Pre-Built PC

Offering a broad range of high-end, ready-to-use pre-built PCs. It comes with almost everything; you need to get up and start running the PC.


Custom Built PC

We design the best gaming PC in India as per the requirement of our customers. Therefore, for the different domains, we have different task-specific PCs.


Custom Art is Known For

We are the leading custom PC builder in India, renowned for offering an extensive range of high-performing PCs such as Custom Liquid Cooling PC, Content Creation PC, and Machine Learning PC. Our PCs are tailor-made and specifically designed to handle complex tasks and heavy workloads. As all of our PCs are custom-made to your specifications, each PC is unique from the other one.


Custom Liquid Cooling PC

These PCs are specially designed to handle heavy tasks that increase the RAM, CPU, and hard disk load. 

  • High performance in a challenging environment
  • Used for professional gaming, video rendering, game development
  • Special computer cooling hardware
  • Pipes of Copper, Acrylic, PETG Plastic
  • Radiators, temperature measurement sensor, water pump, water reservoir, liquid coolant
  • Cools down the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage devices


Content Creation PC

Content creators need a high-end PC with specific features to create, edit and render high-resolution videos and 3D designing models.

  • Designed for photoshop experts, graphic creation and rendering, video editing, CNC design, architecture, and building designing, 3D modeling, 3D animations, game development
  • Consist of task-specific GPU
  • Compatible with Autodesk AutoCAD 2D and 3D, Solid Works, Blender, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop



These PCs are specially designed to handle big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence workloads. 

  • Designed to handle complex tasks like ML, Data Science, AI, deep learning
  • The extremely powerful graphics cards that are capable of solving and running complex equations and algorithms
  • Multicore professional-grade processors to handle heavy load tasks
Custom Arts is a place that fulfills all your computer hardware needs. We are a small and dedicated team whose only motto is to build pure performance delivering machines (in human terms: high-performance PC). At Custom Arts we always try our best to provide you with a unique and awesome customized PC Designing experience. We always try to provide you with the best and latest technologies available in the Computer Industry. At Custom Arts each PC build is unique as it is tailored according to each user's needs and work environment. So, if you are someone who is looking for high-performance systems to rely on, then you are welcome to witness the Custom Arts Design experience.
CPU and GPU manufacturers test the capabilities of each processor/hardware before releasing it to the end-users. They certify each hardware/part and set/define a factory default value/frequency for that specific hardware based on the tests they performed. To make the part/hardware more reliable the companies set these values at a balanced point which also results in less hardware heat generation. Overclocking is the process/action of altering/increasing/tweaking the default factory/manufacturer-defined frequencies/values of a hardware/component in such a way so that it performs better/faster than the stock component/hardware. One of the goals of overclocking is also to maintain manageable temperature levels while reaching higher speeds. 
As you know that Computer Hardware Overclocking has its own advantages and disadvantages. In some cases overclocking also voids the product's warranty and can seriously/permanently damage the computer hardware. So, why even bother to Overclock Computer Hardware? Well in some scenarios/conditions overclocking can become a major advantage. Let's assume if you want to increase the performance of your CPU without upgrading the actual hardware then you can overclock it to get the desired performance. or Let's say if you are a Professional Gamer and you already have computer hardware that is capable of delivering high-performance then you can overclock it to further increase its performance, now this can become a game-changer in your tournaments. But overclocking the PC hardware is not a piece of cake. Managing thermals and fine-tuning specific computer hardware require certain sets of skills and knowledge. At Custom Arts we provide Computer hardware Overclocking Services. So, that you can focus on what matters and let us handle all the hassle to Overclock your custom configured system. Our team of geeks will configure your computer systems in such a way so that they can deliver higher performance with manageable temperature levels.*
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Why Choose Us

There are numerous other custom PC builders in India, but something different about Custom Arts makes us stand out from the crowd.

Distinct PC Configuration

Distinct PC Configuration

The PCs we offer are tailor-made according to their specifications as each user has different requirements and unique prerequisites; each PC is different from others. The hardware used in the custom-built PC is upgraded and of different configurations.

Latest & Advanced Technologies

Latest & Advanced Technologies

Our team of tech enthusiasts is proficient in designing and building high-performing custom PC cabinets. In addition, they keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and current needs of the market to deliver you the best high-end assembled PC in India with advanced hardware configuration.

Quality Components

Quality Components

The hardware components used in our custom-built PC are of optimum quality and distinct configuration. While building the customized PCs, we keep the quality bars high for the hardware components.

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Tech Support

Tech Support

Whether you have queries about our services, specific PC, or the maintenance of the PC you have purchased from us. We have a team of tech professionals who are always available to offer you the best tech support.

Tech Support

One Place For All

Our services range from pre-built PCs, custom liquid cooling PC, content creation PC, entry-level PC, PC for handling complex tasks. We are the one-stop solution for all your high-performing PC needs.

Tech Support

Tech Professionals

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who have the zeal to fulfill your needs by delivering the dream PCs you always desired to have. In addition, our tech team is proficient in building new custom PC cabinet concepts and PC configurations.

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